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Clicks & Leads Academy is a Digital Marketing Training & Mentoring Community. We enable big picture thinkers to build a strong brand, create digital products and engaged communities which means recurring revenue.Nicola Cairncross has 25+ years of experience in empowering authors, experts, entrepreneurs & small business owners (just like you) to create a powerful personal brand, digital assets, engaged communities & recurring income. But don't take our word for it...

Roger 'Dodge' Woodall | Bournemouth 7s Festival | Eventful Entrepreneur & Eventful Lives Podcasts

Dodge came to me when his 'Bournmouth 7s' festival was closed down in 2020. 30,000 people suddenly had nowhere to go and Dodge's business had no income. We helped him create an 'Eventful Entrepreneur' course for aspiring Event Managers and build a Apple 'Top 3' Podcast to promote the course. 2 million views on YouTube later, Dodge is also co-host of the 'Harry Rednapp Show'.

Dr Jane P. Lewis | Secret Art Of Huna

Dr Jane P. Lewis, as well as being a renowned women's leadership coach, is one of Europe's leading teachers of Hawaii's ancient art of Huna Healing. She booked a 'Dinner & A Day' consultancy session and we worked out how to integrate her many skills into one coherent business that would leave a legacy for future generations. Jane subsequently hired Clicks & Leads to build out the entire businesss for her & she follows our 'Be Everywhere Online' system to market her business.

Neil Asher | Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Neil Asher is an old friend and ex-business partner. He invites me to speak to his Aussie Online Entrepreneurs community, over 2000 Amazon entrepreneurs. Twice now, he's booked me for an intensive social media consultancy session, which he says have made him millions of dollars. He's certainly gained around 1 million views on YouTube from one idea I gave him (with barely any extra work to Neil personally).

What's It All About?

This is not a one-size fits all Marketing / Mentoring / Coaching programme. While we do have a core strategy which we call 'Be Everywhere Online' it's tailored to you and your individual business.Nicola has worked with hundreds of business owners, as diverse as...

  • Award Winning Lawyers

  • Bestselling Authors & Speakers

  • Radio Producers

  • An African Charity

  • Trainers & Consultants

  • Cataract Eyedrop Manufacturers

  • Cement Microscopy

  • Hydroponic Wheatgrass Farmers

  • StockMarket Training Companies

  • Recording Studios

  • A Psychic

  • Property Investment Trainers

  • Boutique Hotels

  • Empty Spaces In London

  • Superyacht Skippers

  • Fitness & Food Experts

  • Festival Organisers

  • Jazz Singers

  • Hawaiian Healers

  • Remote Midwives

  • Construction Company Specialists

What's Included?

Included in Clicks & Leads Academy / Be Everywhere Online

  • Initial Business/Marketing Zoom Consultation Session

  • Step By Step Video Training

  • Weekly Live Q&A Session

  • Members Community Area (looks like Facebook)

  • Your Specific Business & Marketing Questions Answered By Nicola (Usually Within 12 Hours)

  • 'As & When' Zoom Coaching For Those Techie/'How To' Moments

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